What are Some of the Best Tulum Restaurants?

Tulum, Mexico, is known for its restaurants, its Mexican tacos, its delicious food to eat at the beach, the open menu local restaurants offer, delicious fresh boca and paila dishes, great grilled seafood, vegan bar in the calle of the centro and many raw restaurants you will be able to eat in during your travel. We loved the list of restaurants in Tulum that Alessia and Eddy made on Digital Nomad Couple here. We will share with you the best address of the restaurants, whether you are vegan or want to eat raw food, or want to eat the typical Mexican great tacos, or even more, some delicious grilled seafood at the beach of Tulum. Check which menu you prefer and see which restaurant is closer to your hotel during your visit. Feel free to check out more places here.


Tulum, the Mexican beach town where you will find great food

Tulum is a beach town destination in Mexico, as well as a destination for food and the best restaurants of Mexican food and tacos! Tulum has a wide range of Mexican restaurants, which never disappoint. In Tulum, Mexico, the restaurant scene is diversifying constantly and simply getting better and better: from vegan to raw food, from tacos to grilled seafood, from boca to paila dishes, you will find everything you could ever want. Read our post guide of some of the best Tulum restaurants that can help you in planning your visit to Tulum to experience the best dining. Whether you are coming from a far address by carr in the carretera, or from a calle in the beach zona or centro, find which are the best places for grilled fish in Tulum, Mexico.


At Don El Asadero, you can bring friends and family here in this great Mexican restaurant in Tulum. In the middle of the centro of Tulum, you can get a taste of Argentina in their menu and in this modern, top restaurant – which offers some of the best steaks and tacos. You can eat like a king and have a fun night out for a special event in this great place. There are various delicacies on the menu, such as rib-eye, T-Bone, roasted cactus, top sirloin and steak Arrachera skirt. Not vegan or raw food, but some delicious open menu food for your dining. There is also an extensive list of wines and cocktails at the bar, and the local Mexican dishes like their tacos can go well with your steak dinner.


One of the world-class Italian restaurants in the guide, it serves some of the best dishes outside of Italy and is located directly on the open beach of Tulum, away from the carrettera and the calle of the zona in the centro. Forget about Mexican tacos, in this restaurant their menu offers you to eat perfectly grilled fish and seafood and meat as well as try out the fresh pasta in this best Tulum beach restaurant. Salsiccia rucola grana, prosciutto e funghi and other hand-made cakes of the hotel’s pizzeria are top draws. From the coconuts that are owned by the hotel, gelato is made. So if you want something different than a Mexican dinner, that's the restaurant for you. They also have some vegan and raw dishes.

On Fridays and Saturdays, dinner and dancing happens under the stars. Throughout the week, there is live music. There are omelet, granola, yogurt, pancakes and more in their breakfast menu in the morning.



Some of the tastiest street tacos in Tulum can be found here, and every delicacy on the menu is a top pick! The place is flooded with locals, and the restaurant is constantly improving everything that it serves. You can order any beef, pasta or chicken in a taco or cake. There are about five different sauces and toppings to choose from. Taste the best tacos in Tulum here, if you are looking for a satiating, cheap meal.


This award-winning Mexican restaurant is one of the favorite breakfast venues in Tulum centro for many tourists, for boca and paila. It is a great place for dinner as well, and vegetarian omelets, quiches and granola are some of the popular breakfast options. When compared to traditional Mexican restaurants in the area, it is unique due to its tropical bistro atmosphere.

You can gulp some of their fresh juices and smoothies, filled with seeds, herbs and proteins, to stay charged throughout the day. There are plenty of amazing foods to try, such as guacamole, chilaquiles, ranchero eggs and a green salad with chicken along with fruit dressing. The Mexican bowl is a scene stealer, of course!


When you are constantly traveling, sometimes it is difficult to eat healthy foods. But with a delicious and healthy breakfast at Raw Love, you can start your day on a healthy note. In a clean, beautiful setting, located in the middle of a lush forest, this restaurant offers nutritious superfoods and smoothies.

Start with a bowl of acai or avocado toast, and wash it down with a cup of organic coffee (brewed freshly) to get full of energy – that will last all day long! There are also lunch specialties, such as:

  • Zucchini pasta
  • Portobello burgers and
  • Pad thai
All foods served here are completely gluten-free. It is one of the leading restaurants here with a peaceful atmosphere, and you can get a feel of home-cooked food. While you spend some time relaxing in a hammock outside, you can even order a smoothie and enjoy it as you enjoy the views.