The best Tulum Restaurants you should try

Tulum is a beach town in Mexico known for the many Mexican restaurants and the good grilled seafood tacos. You can eat the best local fish you can find in Mexico right here, in the centro or at the beach zona in Tulum. If you are searching for boca or paila, some vegan or raw dishes to eat, in Tulum you will find the food you are searching for. If you are a foodie, you should check out Alessia and Eddy’s guide to the best restaurants in Tulum. The open men and the good address we will share with you after you read our guide, will make you find the best restaurant or bar for dining in the zona located close to your hotel. Eat good seafood during your travel in the restaurants we will make you discover in our guide. You will feel like a Mexican don after your dining of boca and paila! The home page go more in the detail about this.


Which restaurant is the best in Tulum? From the centro to the beach zona

Between our favorite Mexican restaurants, and the places where you can eat in the calle or in the carretera, you find what we really love in food: fresh, good dishes and a local touch. Have you ever tried grilled seafood tacos? Well in the restaurants down below you will find out which restaurant is the best in making them. If you are vegan or following a raw diet, don't worry: Tulum town has options for you too. After a day at the beach, let's go dining in amazing restaurants!


This is a great Mexican restaurant with a great bar with fresh drinks and beautiful views of the sun on the beach. Sip on mojito with strawberry basil and gorge on delicious Mexican food and tacos in Tulum town at Mateos, which is loved by local and tourists. Far from the centro zona, it looks like a tree house, right out of a fairytale, and has one of the liveliest atmospheres in the place and in the calle. It has a big-sized outdoor terrace and is constructed with multiple levels, a typical Mexican structure. If you are looking for a good time in Tulum, Mexico, and have fun for the whole family, this is one of the places where to eat. Also, it's a perfect place to post something on Instagram, in fact it's really beautiful! And don't worry if your hotel is located in the centro, you will be able to find and visit this beautiful restaurant by carr.

On the open menu, there are excellent classic Mexican dishes such as chicken burritos, steak local fajitas and Baja-style grilled seafood and fish tacos. The starters include guacamole, boca, paila, delicious roasted seafood shrimp, chicken quesadilla and boiled Baja fish. In case you feel overwhelmed at home, there are various American burgers and healthy vegan and raw salads as well. Soak up the sun from its deck, go to a live football or soccer match and entertain your favorite team from home. These are some of the things that can be done in Tulum.


It is considered to be one of the best Tulum restaurants, nestled in the heart of the jungle and having a tropical open-air setting. Each dish is cooked by hand on an open fire, adding a seafood atmosphere to the table. The foods are made only from the most ethical and sustainable ingredients found in Mexico. The best dishes that are served here include jicama salad, grouper ceviche, short ribs and cheese-flavored ice cream.

Everything that runs the restaurant is fully powered by solar energy, and even the food is not grilled. It can eliminate any unnecessary waste and manage to reduce the carbon footprint due to 100% organic composting efforts. If you are planning a visit, make a booking beforehand. You can book out the tables months or weeks in advance.



This is one of the best places to eat in the area of Tulum, Mexico, courtesy its outdoor environment and tropical atmosphere. The restaurant has no shortage of charm, and since your arrival you will find it to be breathtaking. This is a great place for dinner or after dinner cocktails.

The Mexican classics and dishes with a modern touch include hummus, roasted avocado, slow-roasted pork belly, shrimp or mushroom tacos. It has an imaginative cocktail menu, like the food. The cool vibes of this beautiful place will relax you, as will the typical mezcal drinks of the restaurant. You can enter their hidden room in the woods if the weather is bad. A sweet old school atmosphere and colonial architecture inspired structure makes the whole place look unique and memorable.


This organic premium Tulum restaurant is for serious gourmets, and is ocated in the jungles of Tulum. It is one of the most discussed places in the area, and serves creative yet truly Mexican foods in the menu, cooked in the open kitchen. There are fresh, tropical ingredients used in the cuisines – which come from all over Tulum. There is meat, fish and vegetarian food to try here, and you will find fancy ahi tuna steaks or crispy pork belly to enjoy.


The dishes here are made of healthy ingredients, such as vitamins and egg whites, and fresh fruit, seeds and toppings – which have a very creamy taste. You can get some of the best acai dishes in Mexico in Matcha Mama. The matcha colada bowl – which is a top favorite – is supplemented with a scoop of matcha ice cream, flaxseed, coconut, banana and kiwi.

It is possible to get the best vegan ice cream and smoothies in this cafe-style premium Tulum restaurant. Matcha horchata and cold-cooked smoothie are some of the unique options that are served here.